The SVPN long-term unused user policy has been changed as below.

□ Inactive(4 weeks unused) user policy
  - AS-IS : Expiration → Reapplication
  - TO-BE : Inactive → Self reactivation
    ※ How to reactivate your own SVPN account
      ① SVPN portal sign in (auto-redirected to release page)
      ② Identity Authentication (Choose A or B)
        A) Enter external e-mail → OTP sent → enter OTP
        B) Enter Knox Portal ID/PWD

□ Date of change
  - Feb. 13, 2020(Thu) 20:00 (Seoul, GMT+9)
  - Feb. 13, 2020(Thu) 06:00 (New York, GMT-5)
  - Feb. 13, 2020(Thu) 11:00 (London, GMT+0)

※ Users who expired or inactivated before the new policy effective date above, please follow your existing internal business site process.

☞ User manual : [Download]
If you have a trouble with using SVPN service,
please check whether your windows OS version is 1809, and
Please use the latest version of windows update KB4493509;Build 17763.437(or more).
※ This is only related with Windows 10.

□ Symptom
It is said that it is all a bug of that version, such as not connected to the VPN or
not being connected to the Internet after the VPN is connected.

□ Checking your windows OS update version
① Win + R. Open up the run command with the Win + R. key combo.
② Launch winver. Simply type in winver into the run command text box and hit OK.
③ You can see a screen revealing the OS version. Please check the version is '1809'.

□ Windows Update Manual Guide
① Open Settings app and go to Update and Security.
② Click 'Update & Security' → 'Windows Update'
③ Select 'Check for Updates' button.
(Please check the version whether it is KB4493509;Build 17763.437(or more) or not.)
④ Then the update will be started automatically.
If there is a problem with web site or vpn connection,
please take the following steps one by one.

1. Web Site Problem

  A. IE Initialization
    1) Internet options - ‘Advanced’ Tab - ‘Reset’ Click - Check 'Delete personal settings' - 'Reset' Click

  B. IE Compatibility View settings
    1) Click on the gear-like icon or Tools menu
    2) Select ‘Compatibility View Settings’
    3) Type the SVPN domain name and click on the ‘Add’ button

  C. IE 11 Upgrade

2. VPN Problem

  A. Disable Proxy settings
    1) Internet options - Click 'Connections' Tab - Click 'LAN settings'
    2) Turn off 'Proxy server' and 'Use automatic configuration script'

  B. Use TLS Function
    1) Internet options - Check 'advanced' Tab - 'Security' Use TLS 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2

  C. Add 'Trusted sites'
    1) Internet options - Click 'Security' Tab - Click 'Trusted sites' - Click 'Sites'
    2) Click 'Add' button after typing '*' in 'Add this website to the zone'

  D. Services Function Setting
    1) Go to 'Start menu' - 'Search programs and files' - Type "services.msc" - Run 'services'
    2) Right click 'Telephony' - Click 'Properties'
    3) Go to 'General' Tab - 'Startup type' - Select 'Automatic' and Apply
    4) Restart the service and other servies related with it
     ※ Related Services : Remote Access Auto Connection Manager, Remote Access Connection Manager
    5) Setting 'Automatic' and Restart these services for same process 1) ~ 3)
      Remote Access Auto Connection Manager / Remote Access Connection Manager

  E. Check to use 'Telnet' function
    1) Control Panel -> Uninstall a program -> 'Turn Windows Features on or off' Click
    2) Turn on 'Telnet Client' , 'Telnet Server'
    3) 'Start menu' - Run 'cmd' - Command 'telnet 443'
     ※ Please refer The URL address by SVPN location
     - Korea :,
     - Eurasia :,
     - America :,
     - Southeast Asia :,
     - China :,
     - Southwest Asia :
      ※ If PC already have been opened port 443, the cursor will blink with black screen

  F. Turn off 'Windows Firewall'
    1) Control Panel - System and Security - Windows Firewall - Click 'Turn Windows Firewall on or off'
    2) Select Turn off options and click 'OK' button

 G. Terminate zombie processes
   1) Ctrl + Alt + Delete -> Start Task Manager
   2) f5fpc.exe, f5fpclientW.exe Right click -> End Process
If you need PC designation initialization or checking escort exception,
please fill out the below application form.
and then get the permission through knox portal approval.

- Approval Route : Approval from your group leader → Consent from Samsung Security Center → Notice to SVPN admin
- You can get the information regarding the manager of Samsung Security center and SVPN administrator
   at Customer support > my account.
- After the approval is completed, your SVPN administrator will process it.
- Application Form
Application for SVPN PC designation initialization / checking ESCORT exception

[Application Information]
User name :
Company name :
Department :
Position :
Initialization of designated PC : (O/X)      ※ When you want to change PC
Exception for checking the ESCORT : (O/X)      ※ When you don't want to install Escort
Reason :

[Applicant Information]
Company name :
Applicant name :
Department :
Remarks :

Such as the above, I apply for initialization or exception of security.
If the user is partner, its employees should raise the approval instead of partner.
I confirm that the above is true and
our division will be in charge of the result for above request if a security issue occurs.

Applicant Department :
Applicant name :
For the PC in the company,
Existing Remote control program is now partially unable to use
due to the security policy.

Users who need remote assistance
click the URL below and download the program.
☞ Download

If you have any question,
please contact the customer center below.

- Inside Korea: 1661-3311
- Outside Korea: 82-70-7010-3000
Do not share your SVPN account 7/13/2017 10:15:45 AM
-The number of security incidents which
employees shared their won SVPN account
with others has risen resently.

-Security policy of company prohibits sharing
of any information system account.

-Under any circumstances such as traveling on
a business trip or taking care of and urgent issue,
sharing of an individual's account is not permitted.
Please be warned that individual would be
subjected ot the penalty based on information
security policy in case of non-compliance.
SVPN Portal Renewal 7/11/2017 11:24:25 AM
The SVPN portal has been renewed.

□ Date : JUL, 16th (Sun) 20:00 (GMT+9, Seoul)

□ Changes
  1. Simplified authentication procedures
    1) OTP will be sent via SMS/E-Mail/Knox Messenger
       ※ SMS is only supported by Korean mobile telecommunications company.
       ※ OTP can be sent by up to two e-mails at the same time.
          So register additional email through personal information modify menu.
    2) Certificate is removed
  2. PC designation exception is not allowed

□ Service Desk
  - In Korea : 1644-0300
  - Outside Korea : +82-70-7010-3000

☞ Quick Guide : [KOR] [ENG] User Manual : [KOR] [ENG]
☞ If you have a problem, move to [ Old-version Portal ]