How To Use

Connection to SVPN User Web Portal

A. Connection to SVPN User Web Portal.
① Korea/Southeast Asia :
② Europe :
③ America :
④ Southwest Asia :
⑤ China :

B. Automatically run the SVPNManager program and display on the tray. ※ Users who initial access or do not install the program, are required install program with reference “C. SVPNManager Program Installation” step
※ Users who have already installed the SVPNManager program, go to the “D. SVPN Sign in” step

C. SVPNManager Program Installation (Initial access or do not install the program user).
1) Program download pop-up(automatically)
2) Download and install SVPNManager program manually
3) Automatically run the program and display on the tray, when access to the SVPN User Portal again

D. SVPN Sign In.
1) Select Sign in method (SVPN ID, SVPN(Fingerprint))
 ① SVPN ID : Sign in with SVPN ID and SVPN Password
  ※ SVPN password can differ from Knox Portal password.
 ② SVPN(Fingerprint) : Sign in with SVPN ID and Fingerprint via UBAS APP
  ※ For using the Fingerprint (SVPN), UBAS registration is required in advance
2) Select OTP receive method (If Select “SVPN ID” from the sign in method)
 ① Knox Msgr : Send OTP Knox Messenger to the registered Knox ID
 ② E-mail : Send OTP SMS to the registered external E-mail
  ※ Only users who access from the designated PC can use E-mail
 ③ UBAS(OTP) : Authentication by entering the OTP issued on the web screen into the UBAS APP

E. Automatically SSL VPN Client Program installation.

F. Select the access location and click Access button.
※ If there is only one accessible location, there is no selection

G. SVPN Connection.