How to Use

Connection to SVPN User Web Portal

A. Access SVPN web site.
① Korea/Southeast Asia :
② Europe :
③ America :
④ Southwest Asia :
⑤ China :

B. Automatically install programs that are required for connection.

C. Enter SVPN ID and password, then sign in.
※ SVPN password can differ from Knox Portal password.

D. Select Location and click ‘Access’.
※ In the case of foreign sites, there is no option to choose location.

E. Select a secondary authentication method to receive OTP and click ‘Next’.
1) Korea (Mobile / External E-mail / Knox Messenger)
2) Outside of Korea (External E-mail / Knox Messenger)

F. Input received OTP and click ‘OK’.

G. Logging into SVPN will automatically advance.
After connection is complete, utilize Knox Portal and in-company systems.

Checklist about PC setting for unable SVPN Connection.

A. Proxy disable
1) Internet options – ‘Connections’ Tab – ‘LAN settings’ Click

2) Turn off ‘Proxy server’ and ‘Use automatic configuration script’

B. Use TLS Function
Internet options – ‘advanced’ Tab – ‘Security’ Use TLS 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 Check

C. Add 'Trusted sites'
1) Internet options – ‘Security’ Tab – ‘Trusted sites’ Click – ‘Sites’ Click

2) Click ‘Add’ button after typing ‘*’ in ‘Add this website to the zone’

D. Services Function Setting
First, ‘Start menu’ – ‘Search programs and files’ – Type ‘services.msc’ – Run ‘services’

1) ‘Telephony’ right button click – Click ‘Properties’

2) ‘General’ Tab – ‘Startup type’ – Select ‘Automatic’ and Apply

3) Restart the service and other servies related with it

4) Setting ‘Automatic’ and Restart these services for same process (Step 1~3) <br/> ‘Remote Access Auto Connection Manager / Remote Access Connection Manager’

E. Check whether using 'Telnet' function and 443 port
1) Control Panel – Uninstall a program – ‘Turn Windows Features on or off’ Click
2) Turn on ‘Telnet Client’

3) ‘Start menu’ – Run ‘cmd’ – Command ‘telnet 443’

※ The URL address for checking port 443 by SVPN location
- Korea :
- Eurasia :
- America :
- Southeast Asia :
- China :
- Southwest Asia :
※ If port 443 is already open, the cursor will blink as below

F. Checklist about PC setting for unable SVPN Connection.
1) Control Panel – System and Security – Windows Firewall – Click ‘Turn Windows Firewall on or off'

2) Select Turn off options and click ‘OK’ button